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  • Female/femme clients receive 30% off until the ERA is ratified.

Platonic Introductions

The options are endless for this kind of public encounter: dinners, events, shows, museums, outdoor adventuring, shopping, etc.

1H400. 2H600. 3H750. 4H900. 5H1050. 6H1200.

Couples and groups, please add 100 for each additional person.

Private Attention

The possibilities are endless for what we can do behind closed doors. Massage included upon request. Longer appointments, dinner dates, and pre-bookings are always prioritized. For in-call, please add 200.

Up to 1H700.
1.5H900. Always preferred. Required for first-time friends.
2H1200. 3H1500. 4H1800. 5H2000. 6H2250.

Proper Nights Out

Charlotte, NC only.

Forming genuine, ever-deepening connections is my aim. Striking the perfect balance between public/private, these types of dates are my absolute favorite, and ideal for creating sincere, fulfilling intimacy.

3H1300. 4H1600.

Couples and groups, please add 400 for each additional person.


Care to invite one (or more) of my sexy friends? Find out how here.

Couples & groups, please inquire for details.

Road Trips & FMTY

There is nothing quite like finding the perfect companion with whom to build a true, authentic connection. Don’t let proximity stop you from making the memories of a lifetime.

Road Trips 2000+
Within 3H of Charlotte, NC (The Triangle, Asheville, Wilmington, Charleston, etc.). 4Hmin. Must cover travel & lodging costs. Inquire for more information.
Fly-Me-To-You 2200+
4Hmin. Must cover travel & lodging costs. Inquire for more information.

Extended Dates

Since childhood, I have loved to plan and execute excellent meals (and in adulthood, have had my share of love affairs with professional chefs). The “Bed & Breakfast” overnight and “The Experience” weekend package allow me to flex my culinary muscles for you!

Overnight(Out) 4000. Overnight (In)4500
16Hmax (7H sleep). Must include 2 meals.

Bed & Breakfast (In) 5000
16Hmax (7H sleep). 2 gourmet meals provided by me.

Slumber Party (Out) 6000
24Hmax (8H sleep, 1H personal time). Must include all meals & lodging.

Getaway (Out) 6500
60Hmax (16H sleep, 2-3H personal time). Must include all meals & lodging. 1500/additional day

Stay-cation (In) 7000
60Hmax (16H sleep, 2-3H personal time). Must include all meals. 1500/additional day

The Experience (In) 8000
Gourmet in every sense. 60Hmax (16H sleep, 2-3H personal time). Meals provided by me. 2000/additional day

Couples & groups, please inquire for details.

The Fine Print

My rates, of course, are for my time and companionship; I do not exchange sexual services for goods nor money. Please begin every meeting by placing the appropriate honorarium in a clearly-detected location.

First-time Friends

Cash-only service, with refundable deposit. After screening, you will:

  • 1. Send the 30% deposit (more on that below), plus any additional fees.
  • 2. Bring my full rate to our date.
  • 3. Before the end of our first date, I will reimburse your deposit.
  • Exception: You send a non-refundable gift card via Amazon, bringing the remainder in cash.

I do not see first-time friends in private residences. Last-minute first-date requests (<12 hours notice) will be considered for an additional +500.

Deposits, Cancellations & Fees

I take seriously the joyful process of preparing for our date. In order to secure our time together, 30% of every booking must be sent via online transfer. This deposit is refundable, if you prefer, upon rendering of full cash payment. If you require I book a space, I will send receipt for the total cost of room and parking fees so you may include it when sending your initial deposit (unless otherwise specified).

Occasional unwelcome surprises are an unfortunate reality of life, I understand. If you cancel one week or more before of the start of our appointment, or if I must cancel, you will be refunded your deposit (unless you prefer it be retained for a future date). I prepare meticulously for our time together, and often must turn down other opportunities to secure your time. If you cancel within one week, I will retain your deposit. While any future dates will require a new deposit, I can keep your screening information secure.

Etiquette & Day-of Details

Companionship fees should be enveloped both literally (in the fold of a thank you card, at the bottom of a gift bag, between the pages of a beautiful book) and figuratively—in the established silence of ancient ritual, without request or declaration, and never into my hand. Large bills are always preferred.

When establishing boundaries is a collaborative effort, relationships thrive in the comfort of understood expectations. While in-session, it is my goal to curate a perfect encounter for us that comes to a natural (and hopefully temporary!) goodbye. Your help with being mindful of the time will only enhance the authenticity of the experience for both of us.

However, there is no higher form of flattery than the in-date extension. When the vibe is excellent and we want to linger, express that desire to me explicitly, prepared to render additional honorarium (cash or online transfer): 100/hh for social and 300/hh for private.

Hygiene is of the utmost importance. May we all follow the Golden Rule before interaction with others: soap suds, squeaky rinses, toothpaste and mouthwash. Expect to shower at the beginning of any private session.

I do not engage in any activity that puts my health at risk. Please cancel your appointment if you are feeling unwell or notice suspicious changes in your body, or switch to a virtual session (just inquire).

Look: I am caretaker supreme, queen of snacks. However, all bookings of 4 hours or more must include one substantive meal on you. All bookings of 6 hours or more must include time to step out together.

Good tippers are always rewarded with extra enthusiasm! I am also a total romantic–feel free anytime to woo me with something from my Wishlist.

FMTY & Road Trips: Special Considerations

Non-refundable deposits for FMTY engagements are 40% of my rate plus reimbursement for first- or business-class airfare and an upscale hotel room.

Road Trip dates incur a 200 driving fee (noted in price above).

You made it through the fine print! Here’s a reward.

Ready to book?

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Madeleine Blair is an editor, memoirist, sex workers’ rights activist & professional companion based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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