I’m going to be real with y’all. I need footwear. Like, I need footwear badly. I have a very narrow foot, for which Stuart Weitzman makes the best shoes. I am in love with Fortress shoes’ incredible silhouettes (boots!). Handmade Adelante shoes are absolutely beautiful (love the Serena), and Liberte Leather has had me eyeing their gorgeous everyday mules. Espiritu has dreamy huaraches perfect for our future trips to the beach. And these washable flats: are you KIDDING ME, Birdies? Finally, because I’m a Whore, I think I’ve earned a pair of yep-you-guessed-’em.

Speaking of leather, quality bags will never need replacing, nor go out of style. I am of course interested in the classic Birkin, or more economical options such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Frye & Liberte.

When it comes to jewelry, I go ga-ga for opals of any variety (my birthstone!), high-quality raw turquoise, morganite (champagne, yellow & peach), and—of course—ethically-sourced diamonds. I wear gold, white gold/platinum & rose gold, and have really liked mixed-metal pieces lately (how very bisexual of me).

When it comes to clothes, I can never have enough yoga gear (I know, I know, how basic of me!), and I can always find things I love at Saks, NET-A-PORTER, Anthropologie & Madewell. Given the Buy-One-Give-One model of Warby Parker, I will always enthusiastically support their eyeglass business.

And now for the extra-fun stuff: lingerie & robes! Studio Pia is a SW-friendly company with truly special, unique, almost theatrical pieces. Designs from God Save Queens are hot as hell, with intuitive lines & fringe to keep your eyes darting around with glee. Edge ‘o Beyond‘s look is sultry, vampy & kinky, while the simple Fleur de Mal is more classically feminine, silk & lace. Finally, the Thistle & Spire brand is flirty and fun; bang for your buck, too!

If you really love me, you will aid in the cultivation of my cherished robe and kimono collection. Sisters-owned company Kim & Ono offers beautiful silk kimonos.