One of the best things you could possibly do for me? Something I don’t always do for myself, but should? Treat me to a spa day, especially an extra-long massage. (I am a right-handed writer with a right-shoulder injury, have mercy!) My favorite places in Charlotte are Zoe Massage & Bodywork, Palestra, Poseidon Spa, and the Ritz Spa.

Pole dancing is something I have always wanted to try, and one of the only forms of adult entertainment I haven’t tried. Won’t you treat me to some lessons from a pro? I promise I will show off my skills. I mean, or you can just get me a Pilates reformer or a Peloton. (Alliteration in bold unintentional.)

Admittedly (and perhaps unfortunately?), traditional work-outs aren’t my favorite way to break a sweat. Usually the equipment I prefer may resemble dicks, not be purchased at one. Some of my favorite online sex toy shops are Chakrubs, Spectrum Boutique, or Dame, or you can check out one on this list of Black-owned companies.

Delicate fragrances are one of the simple pleasures of life. I often blend my own using DoTerra essential oils. I would love a gift card, or just ask what in my collection needs replenishing. Maybe we can craft a “memory potion” together just for you.

I also love supporting Sfumato Fragrances (“Bourbon and Old Books” has caught my eye), which doubles as one of my favorite date-spots when I visit Detroit. Other favorites are Tom Ford “Tobacco Vanilla,” Maison Margiela “Replica” By the Fireplace, Tom Ford “Jasmin Rouge,” Tom Ford “Fucking Fabulous,” Tom Ford “Noir De Noir,” and Maison Margiela “Replica” Coffee Break, all available through Sephora.

On a very practical note, I would also be deliriously appreciative to receive the gift of monetary aid for current and future dental work.