I’m Madeleine.

I’m happy you’re here.

Probably much like you, I’m a libidinous free-thinker, which led me to professional companionship and touch therapy. Humans are meant to relate freely through physical closeness, affection, and playful exploration. Awed by the simplicity, complexity, and diversity of the human body, I derive great pleasure in satisfying the immersive, visceral experiences we all crave.

I have the all-natural figure of a woman in her prime: gentle curves and smooth skin, with long legs and unfussy hair. My Midwest-sweet face is rosy-cheeked, with sunny freckles and flirtatious brown eyes. My soft, full lips bend in suggestive smiles, brows arching in bemusement, lashes fluttering.

Upon meeting, you’ll find I’m easy-going, passionate, and more than a little goofy. Dynamic, sophisticated, wildly fun and radically empathetic, I’m told. Sultry. Deviant. A brainiac. I keep up with current events and am ever-hungry for novel wisdoms. I love spending time outdoors, especially near the water. I am a Masters-level grammar nerd, total foodie, absinthe enthusiast, tone-deaf music lover, and proud caretaker of a kitty cat named after Margo St. James.

I do not discriminate based on race/color, nationality, gender identity, religion, ability, or immigration status. I welcome the company of ladies, gentlemen, couples, and everyone in-between.

Come closer. I’d love to get acquainted.

FAQ & Favorites

For a guide to gift-giving, please click here.

Stats: I am an October Libra approaching her mid-thirties. 5’8″. Ambi-vert.

Interests: writing & literature, activism, art & culture, empathic connection, gastronomy, history, travel, the outdoors, yoga, massage & bodywork

Dream Dates: fine dining, live music (or karaoke), spas, shopping, cinema, museums & shows, enjoying the outdoors, SCUBA, volunteer work

Tunes: I love anything that makes my hips shake or heart quake: blues, soul, indie, folk, hip-hop, alternative… Help me build my vinyl collection?

Words: If you’re interested in picking up something off my reading list (sliding crisp bills between the pages of a gifted book is a very sexy method of discretion), I have a book wish list and an Amazon list, as well.

Palate: A refined and adventurous gastronome, I savor both novel dining experiences as well as the comfort of a familiar steakhouse. I also relish the collaborative process of executing a menu together when we dine in!

Spirits: I am rather obsessed with absinthe—French-style, verte—and have a taste for wine, too. Lately I’ve been into just about anything from Spain or France, but a good Willamette Valley Pinot noir ne’er hurt nobody! Gin and mezcal-based cocktails are a sure way to my heart.

Flora: cannabis (sativa preferred), tulips, proteas, jasmine, orchids, lilies, roses, poppies, any succulent, unusual potted plants (feed me, Seymour)

Jewelry: opals of any variety (my birthstone!), high-quality raw turquoise, morganite (taupe), and—of course—ethically-sourced diamonds

Madeleine Blair is an editor, memoirist, sex workers’ rights activist & professional companion based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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